How To Use Social Media Marketing for Your Business

How To Use Social Media Marketing for Your Business

Social media is a blanket term to describe any platform where users can create and share content or network with others. The reach goes far beyond what you might initially think, making social media marketing an invaluable tool for most businesses. 

There are many different avenues of social media marketing to consider, so keep an open mind about what might work best for your business.

Social Networks

Social networks are likely the first thing that comes to mind. Platforms like Twitter and Facebook are places where people can connect with like-minded users. There are a variety of ways a brand can reach its customers using social networks. Some popular options are creating organic content, paying for views, or compensating an influencer to talk about a product.


Blogs are a type of content marketing that uses search engine optimization to drive traffic to a source. The higher the page ranks, the more users will click on the website. Blogs can also be repurposed for use on social networks or email newsletters.


A company may choose to participate in forums to offer solutions to questions and establish itself as an expert.  Once they have credibility, they can also drive traffic to their website for more information on a topic or purchase a product.

Review Platforms

On platforms such as Yelp, users can review a business. Social proof can be huge for a brand. Some companies will encourage their customers to leave reviews on a specific platform. Even negative reviews can be helpful to either correct a business problem or offer the opportunity to make things right publicly with a customer quickly.

Every business requires a different social media marketing strategy. They are not one size fits all. Before you develop one, think through what goals you want to achieve. Some common outcomes include:

  • Brand visibility
  • Driving traffic to a website
  • Increase number of followers
  • Boost sales

Once you understand your target audience, you can determine where they spend their time and focus on that platform. You might consider trying a few options to start and see which one performs better. Continue to monitor and tweak your marketing plan until you meet your objective.

If you don’t have a social media presence, start penciling out a plan. There will be trial and error, so don’t wait for perfection to launch. Results will not happen overnight, but eventually, you will see positive results.