Print Marketing

Make an Impact on Your Audience With Print Marketing

Surprised to see a digital media company offering print design and marketing services? Truthfully, this isn’t as uncommon as you may think. Small businesses are turning to print media to augment digital marketing or execute dedicated print campaigns. Jersey Commercial Lending can leverage this medium to get results for your small business.

The Value of Print Media

Print technologies have advanced quite a bit within the last decade. We have more tools at our disposal to craft a campaign that attracts and captures your audience:

  • Creative imagery
  • Unique tactile textures and sizes
  • Optical illusions
  • Customer loyalty cards
  • QR codes
  • Newsletters and magazines

Many forms of print advertising are ideal for time-poor people. You can look at a digital ad quickly and then forget about it. Or you could scroll past it without even looking. But people can save printed materials and browse them later – and by then, they may be much closer to making purchasing decisions. Print can also offer higher conversion rates, with up to 80% response on direct mail ads.

Talk to Us About Our Subscription Plans

Our print design and marketing services can play an important role in a comprehensive marketing plan. We create subscription-based plans with continuing support to meet your firm’s goals and needs. Reach out to our pros now – we’d love to learn how we can help you succeed.