Accounts Receivable

Use Your Accounts Receivable as a Source of Working Capital

Delayed payment is the standard in many industries, but it can affect cash flow. If you want working capital, you need to find another avenue. Fortunately, Jersey Commercial Lending is here to assist with our accounts receivable financing.

Turn a Risk Into an Asset

Invoices are a risk because you never know if the customer will pay. Even if you are paid, it can be up to 90 days after you’ve already delivered the goods. By financing receivables, you take that risk and turn it into an asset.

Outsource Your AR Department

How does it work? We pay you a percentage of the accounts receivable upfront, then collect from customers. If we can collect, we’ll give you the rest of the funds, minus our fee. As a result, you get funds quickly without having to expend more resources.

Enjoy the Benefits

Jersey Commercial Lending is proud to offer the following benefits:

  • No recourse
  • Quick funding in as little as 24 hours
  • No personal guarantees
  • No fixed payments

We even offer credit insurance at no cost to your company.

Schedule Your Consultation

Once you have working capital, you can focus on business growth. Getting started is simple — with one call, you can set up a consultation with the professionals at Jersey Commercial Lending and go over your options.