Equipment Financing

We Have All of Your Equipment Financing Needs Covered

At Jersey Commercial Lending, we offer a variety of equipment financing programs for our clients. We give you countless options so you can choose the right financing for your budget, your industry, your business and your goals. Discover low interest rates, generous terms and flexible financing for any type of equipment.

Construction Equipment

Are you looking to expand your construction business? Maybe it’s time to invest in heavy machinery that gets the job done more quickly. With the right equipment, you can increase your team’s productivity and work quality, and take on larger jobs. We offer complete equipment financing for construction equipment:

  • Backhoes
  • Loaders
  • Cranes
  • Dump trucks
  • Bulldozers
  • Skid loaders
  • Packers
  • Tools and compressors

Restaurant Equipment

We can help new restaurants/bakeries/coffee shops get the equipment needed to begin operations. Our startup financing for equipment lets you open your business with the prep surfaces, ovens, grills, ice-cream machines, espresso machines and other equipment. We also provide equipment loans for long-time restaurants so they can upgrade equipment and technology, including high-tech payment systems.

Manufacturing Equipment

For manufacturers, keeping heavy machinery in working order is essential for your bottom line. Our equipment financing can help your company invest in high-quality heavy machinery that lasts decades. If your equipment is starting to break down frequently or is reaching the end of its working life, invest in new systems that give you better results. We can help you get the capital needed.

Health Care Equipment

Private practices and hospitals can benefit from equipment loans and equipment leasing. For example, doctors and dentists rely on high-tech diagnostic equipment and treatment equipment to take care of patients. With equipment leasing, you can get this equipment for your business with low monthly payments. Leasing lets you upgrade frequently, keeps your working capital free for other needs and provides great tax benefits.

Learn about all of our financing options for your specific industry by contacting us right away. Apply for an equipment loan or lease today.