Merchant Cash Advance

We Can Help You Access Working Capital With a Merchant Cash Advance

Working capital is the key to business expansion, but it’s not easy to consolidate if your small business dips and peaks with the economy. Fortunately, there’s a reliable way to access the funds you need: a merchant cash advance through Jersey Commercial Lending.

Enjoy the Benefits

When you get a merchant cash advance, you’re not just getting cash. You can also enjoy competitive terms and benefits:

  • No fixed payments
  • No closing cost
  • No application fee
  • Quick application process
  • Easy payback

Jersey Commercial Lending can offer as much as $200,000 per location, and you can get the funds as quickly as a week.

Accept Any Kind of Card

How does a merchant cash advance work? You’re essentially borrowing against your future profits. Rather than making monthly payments to pay back the funds, we take a percentage of credit card charges as you make sales. We can work with any type of card:

  • MasterCard
  • Visa
  • Discover
  • American Express

Skip the Business Loan

Why choose a cash advance over a business loan? Many loans require collateral, which means you have to put valuable assets at risk. There’s no such requirement for a cash advance, allowing access to working capital without losing equity.

Speak to a Professional

Jersey Commercial Lending financial experts are waiting to help you acquire the cash you need to grow your business. To set up a consultation, call us today.