Purchase Order Financing

Shore Up Your Profits With Another Source of Funds — Purchase Order Financing

Wise business owners know that there’s often more than one solution to a problem. Staying flexible can save you time and money. That applies to financing, as well. When you partner with our team at Jersey Commercial Lending, you can get different types of funding that cover your business needs and keep your cash flow going strong. Purchase order financing is one amazing solution you may not have heard about before.

Why Use Purchase Order Financing?

There are many benefits to using PO financing:

  • Helps you make on-time deliveries to clients: This type of financing ensures you always have the funds to complete each and every order for your customers. They get their entire order on time.
  • Improves customer satisfaction: Never having to deal with backorders or failed deliveries makes customers happy. In return, your reputation grows.
  • Increases your sales capabilities: You can sell more and to more customers when inventory management isn’t a concern.
  • Helps stabilize your cash flow and operations: PO financing eliminates work slowdowns from lack of funds.
  • Lets you expand into other markets: You can serve customers in new markets without needing to invest your own capital.

Whether you’re a manufacturer or a distributor, having access to funding is essential for keeping deliveries going smoothly. You can benefit from purchase order financing at the same time as other types of loans or leases. Learn more about this option by contacting us right away.