Backlinking 101: A Simple Guide

Backlinking 101: A Simple Guide

Understanding how to best position your business in the digital age can be challenging. Though you may have a general idea of how to market your services on the internet, there are plenty of modern techniques that have come about over the last few years. For example, it is now common for businesses of all sizes to explore tactics like backlinking. If you don’t know much about backlinks, now is the time to gain more perspective. Review these points and see what you can do to get started with this technique. 

What Are Backlinks?

First and foremost, you need to know what a backlink is. Essentially, this is just another name used for a hyperlink. In this case, however, the link connects to a website that leads away from the website the person is on. While it might seem counterintuitive to include links that take visitors away from your site, you are likely to see some substantial results by putting the time and effort into working this marketing idea into your current strategy. Most marketers consider backlinks an integral part of SEO operations. 

More Than a URL

Though backlinking may look very similar to the basic process of adding links to content, there are a few extra steps to take. Normally, a link contains a URL to another website. With a backlink, you take the URL and infuse a few more bits of information. While both HTML and Javascript linking is an acceptable way to go about the process, you will find that HTML tends to produce better and more measurable results on Google. Review information on anchor text guidelines and URL inclusions to see how to use each link to the fullest.

Google and Backlinks

Part of successful SEO is being able to get Google and other search engines to take note of your website and online assets. With backlinks, you have a chance to prove to Google how serious you are. Criteria for backlinks typically include factors like the authenticity and authority of the links being used. If you’re linking to quality sites from trustworthy names, then you are more likely to be considered a valuable result to Google and other engines. Since guidelines change often, you want to take time to look at the current standards.

Getting the most out of your web presence is all about using the right tactics along the way. Learn more about backlinking to see how easy it is to see results without having to put in too much effort.